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Star Student offers tuition in all English Language and Literature exams:

All tuition consist of a combination of lesson notes, video lessons,Skype teaching, video feedback and all taught in your child's own virtual classroom - that's what makes Star Student unique.

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A Level English

  • OCR, AQA, Edexcel, WJEC A Level courses aim to enrich students' appreciation and understanding of texts for both coursework and examination.
  • Once the text has been  fully studied, a course in essay writing will ensure that students have the skills in place to organise and structure their essays; comfortably achieving all assessment objectives and getting the grade they deserve.

GCSE English

  • Tuition tailored to each child's needs looking at GCSE English and English Language exam .
  • ​Reading, Writing  and exam practice are all covered.

Higher English 

  • Tuition in folio work- ensure the folio writing pieces are polished with relevant topics  
  • Textual analysis practise - the dreaded NABs
  • Close reading 
  • Critical essay writing 

Intermediate English and Intermediate 2  English

  • Folio work
  • Exam practice in close reading and critical essay

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