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Do I need a Tutor?

In a word, yes. Competition for university places is tougher now than it has ever been and applications for places at prestigious universities unprecedented - students can no longer rest on their laurels in their expectations of getting a sheaf of A grades but have to take extra steps to ensure a good pass.

Most, if not all, University courses require a pass in English and rightly so, after all it is our native language and we should be well versed in both the way language works and our literary heritage. However for many students English can be seen as the most challenging of exams to pass and one that many people believe you are either good at or not. We founded Star Student in the belief that that is not so. We focus entirely on exam techniques. Sign up for one of our courses and we'll take  you through each component of the exam step by step guaranteeing that you enter the exam hall confident and prepared.

What English Courses do we offer? Why Online Tuition? What is the Cost/Time Factor?