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GCSE English and English Literature

​Tuition is tailored to each student's needs depending on the Exam Board they are following: AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC. Courses offered are: 

AQA English Language Unit 1 Understanding Non Fiction Texts 

  • Week 1 Magazine and Newspaper Analysis
  • Week 2 Presentation
  • Week 3 Inferences and Presentation 
  • Week 4 Section B - Comparing Language
  • Week 5 Writing for different purposes 
  • Week 6 More Writing Practise

Media and Non-Fiction (Unit 1)
Reading:  6 sessions covering reading articles (magazine and newspaper), leaflet, website, video and a general session all based on a theme 

  • Week 1 Magazine/newspaper – key terms and analysis practice 
  • Week 2 Presentation/ How to analyse a leaflet
  • Week 3 Website articles – key terms and analysis 
  • Week 4 Videos and the moving image 
  • Week 5 Comparing texts and making notes 
  • Week 6 Consolidation session

Writing: 6 sessions covering writing to persuade, argue and advise; inform, describe and explain; and some of the specifics needed for each type of the non-fiction text that may come up.

  • Week 1 Different types of writing and writing skills (paragraphs etc.) 
  • Week 2 Argue, persuade, advise 
  • Week 3 Argue, persuade, advise – session 2 
  • Week 4 Inform, explain describe – session 1 
  • Week 5. Inform, explain describe – session 2 
  • Week 6. Consolidation session, including focus on writing skills

6  sessions that look at language, characterisation, drama performance and context and basic ‘how to’ write a literature essay.

  • Week 1 Context to Shakespeare – assignment: a walk through Shakespeare’s London.
  • Week 2 Shakespeare’s choice of words – assignment:  close reading of an extract from Shakespeare play (as appropriate, suggestions given in course content).
  • Week 3. How to read a character – assignment:  ‘the character that appeals to me the most in … ‘ essay with textual evidence.
  • Week 4. Performing Shakespeare – assignment: close reading of dramatic extract from appropriate play.
  • Week 5. How to write a literature essay, covering the bases – assignment: marking a ‘bad’ essay and providing feedback to the imaginary student.
  • Week 6. Close reading an extract – assignment: extract as appropriate to play, student assessed on all aspects covered as appropriate to exam board.

Modern Novel
6  sessions that can be adapted as per novel, looking at language, characterisation, context and a ‘how to’ write a literature essay 

  • Week 1 How to research context – assignment: student to produce a presentation or essay on the context of their novel as appropriate.
  • Week 2. Looking at language - assignment:  close reading of an extract from the novel as appropriate.
  • Week 3 How to explore a character – assignment: diary entry of a character from the novel.
  • Week 4 Finding themes and what to do with them – assignment: extract based essay on an extract from the appropriate novel.
  • Week 5 How to write about a novel – assignment: several short extracts given to student, they have to link them together and describe why they are important to the novel.
  • Week 6 Close reading an extract – assignment: practice exam question as appropriate to the exam board.