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How our Tutoring Programme Works

When you enrol, our qualified and experienced teaching staff - under the guidance of our Head Teacher, Deany Judd - will find out about your child and the texts they're studying. From there we'll assign you a teacher and your own 'classroom'.

This will be where all communications with your teacher will take place- they upload assignments and worksheets for you. The pupil downloads them or reads them online and then in turn, the pupil  posts their completed assignments in the classroom  This area is accessible by parents too so that you can log on and see how the course is going.

Assignments are set on a weekly basis with the expectation that work should take the individual student an hour or so .The tutor receives the completed assignment and the feedback is provided in a unique video format as well as on the document too. Parents and students are sent an email letting them know that the work has been returned.

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