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Why Online Tuition?

The advantages of face to face tuition are well known but online tuition has as many, if not more advantages-

  • It combines tradition with modernity -students  are familiar and comfortable with technology. Star Student embraces the technology that students already use.
  • Convenience- with homework piling up, after school activities crowding your child's time time not to mention the dark and cold nights, being tutored in the comfort of your own home is an attractive option.
  • Students can work where and when suits them - all they need is access to a laptop.
  • Having tutored many pupils on a one to one basis, there is no doubt that after half an hour or so both the tutor's and pupil's energies and concentration are flagging . With Star Student, the key points are put across in a succinct way.
  • Cost - face to face tuition is now often £35 an hour and upwards. Star Student is £26  each week and with the detailed feedback and focus on exam techniques, it offers great value for money.
  • It prepares them for university -uploading work and  remote contact with tutors in now part of university courses. 

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2013 Exams - yet again we had a 100% pass rate. Congratulations to students and tutors for all their efforts. Read below what Star Students had to say about their experience 

I felt that Star Student  helped to improve my English by using better methods than the methods I  used in school. It was very good to have one on one help as this allowed me to concentrate better especially when working with someone who was patient when I didn't understand something. I am happy with the experience I have had with Star Student as I couldn't have passed my Higher English without it.

I am very pleased that Heather has passed her Higher English and with a B. The extra tuition that Heather gained was definitely of benefit
Heather Archbold Woodfarm High School 

2012 Exams With a 100% Pass Rate - 80% at A Level, here's what this year's Star Student had to say about their experience 

Hi Deany,
Just wanted to let you know that we were delighted that Paddy got an A in his Higher English-thanks to all your help. He found your input and knowledge very useful in the run up to the exams. He found your Skype sessions easy to fit into his work schedule and was more comfortable and relaxed with the online tutoring process. All in all we were delighted we used your services at Star Student.

Thank you
Jacqueline Campbell, mother of Paddy Campbell, St Aloysius College. 

Star student was very useful for me and it improved my grades dramatically.  Before I started  I never knew how to answer the different types of questions and was getting around 21/50 for my close readings whereas after my star student experience I now understand everything a lot more and I’m getting much better scores in the essays and close readings.

I train abroad a lot ( I ski for GB) and It was as though I had a tutor in the room but much more convenient because I could talk on Skype anytime I  wanted and especially with me being away training a lot, I could talk to my tutor online so I could carry on my studies when away abroad.

The materials were great.  I found them very useful and effective and it was great to go over a few things and before the exam to calm the nerves.
I was never really good at English but in the past year I have increased in confidence and learned so much and most of it was because of Star Student!
Nicole Ritchie , Craigholme School

My experience with Star Student was excellent I hadn’t expected it to be such a success but once I started I was very happy with it. Prior to using Star Student I had only ever had face-to-face tuition and had been sceptical about how online tuition would work, but now that I have had the experience, I definitely prefer online tutoring.

The materials were thorough and well put together. The videos were particularly useful as they linked directly to what I was doing in my assignments and general Higher English work. If there was ever something I didn’t understand in an assignment, or I was stumped, I could always refer to the videos.

The Skype calls allowed me to speak in real-time with my tutor and quickly identify any issues in my work.

Overall , Star Student, was a massive boost to my confidence and I’ll be singing its praises for years  to come.
Patrick Jackson , Langside college achieved a B pass 

I got an A!!! Thanks for all your help! 
Clara McInnes - got an A!  

Star student has enabled me to become more confident in all aspects of English Higher; from close reading to critical essays. The weekly assignments allow you to practice skills which can be used in exams and the in depth feedback given was crucial so that I was able to improve. I would highly recommend Star Student for first class tutoring. 
Olivia Dickie, Kelvinside Academy, achieved an A pass

I felt that star student helped me a lot in the lead up to my English exam. For my prelim in December 2011 I got 52% in Intermediate 2 and I managed to bring that up to 68% in my final exam which is a huge achievement for me! I would definitely use Star Student again as it has definitely helped me and I know that my mum feels her money was well spent.
Heather Archbold, Woodfarm High School

I really thought I might fail, exam didn't go well at all and I was sure I'd be sitting it again but got a fab wee surprise.GOT AN A!!!! Can't thank you enough you helped me a lot! Thanks!
Rachael Whitelaw, got an A pass at Higher 

2011 Exams 

As a parent I only wish I had found Star Student earlier! It was a tremendous help to my son when he was sitting his Higher English. His Critical Essays and Close Reading skills improved dramatically. In particular he was taught exam technique which I have no doubt helped him to achieve his final result. I will not hesitate to contact Deany and Star Student  when my daughter is sitting Higher English
Gayle Campbell, mother of Stuart, Glasgow Academy

The beauty of online tuition is that you don't have to leave the house - that's really quite a bonus when you live in a rural location, have a busy house, work commitments and other family members to juggle.  Cameron just got on with it himself - I occasionally logged into his classroom and had a look at what was happening but it all seemed to be going on without any demands on me.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Star Student . 
Jacquie Stacey, mother of Cameron , Mearns Castle High School 

Last year I was in the same position as most of you guys, worrying about  Higher English, especially due to the fact that I needed an A to get into my course at university.  Not only did my English teacher predict me a C but my family had little faith!  I heard about Star Student through my mum and thought any help in trying to achieve my A was better than trying to power through myself.  I also liked the idea of not having to go to someone's house and was able to keep in contact with Deany though skype which was a very successful way of communicating and discussing my plan for getting my A.  I was able to log on and send Deany close reading texts and essays and always received a prompt reply, keeping my interest going.  With the help and encouragement I received from Deany I not only started to enjoy English, but much to the amazement of all I managed to gain my A in Higher English and I am now in my 3rd month at university.  So everyone who is worrying about achieving a good English mark, don't give up and don't hesitate to seek  help from Star Student.
​Rebecca Modlin, former pupil of Stewarton Academy