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National 5 English

Star Student offers 6 week courses in each key area of the National 5 Exam : the Folio, Close Reading and Critical Essay. 

Folio Writing
With the choice of Personal, Discursive and Creative writing for the Folio, this course looks at examples of good practice in each of these types of writing and how to use these skills        in your own essays. Guidance on suitable topics and direction on how to research them.

  • Week 1 Discursive or Persuasive: what's the difference?
  • Week 2 What do I Write About?
  • Week 3 Examples of Good Discursive/Persuasive Essays - what makes them so good?
  • Week 4 Personal /Reflective Essay Writing - Stepping up your Skills
  • Week 5 Personal Writing Techniques
  • Week 6 Personal Writing - Guidance and Feedback on Your Essay

* Candidates doing creative writing will do 3 weeks of Discursive followed by 3 weeks of Creative Writing

Close Reading Skills - Close Reading is such a vital part of the Higher English course and key to success that we offer two courses in Close Reading

Close Reading 1
This course starts at the very beginning and teaches pupils how to read - actively, that is. We look at how the introduction to the passage tells us more than we may think, and then we get down to the nitty-gritty of how to answer the questions.

  • Week 1 Learning to Read
  • Week 2 Topic Sentences
  • Week 3 Own Words and Linking Questions
  • Week 4 Word Choice
  • Week 5 Imagery
  • Week 6 Sentence Structure

Close Reading 2
Following on from Close Reading 1, this course involves Past Paper practice as well as looking at Exam Board Mark Schemes. 

  • Week 1 More Sentence  Structure
  • Week 2 Tone
  • Week 3 Exaggeration
  • Week 4 Last Question - How to Approach It
  • Week 5 Putting it all together - Imagery, Tone and Sentence Structure
  • Week 6 Practise !

Critical Essay writing
The Critical Essay component of the exam can fill many students with dread . This course shows them how the structure of the answer lies within the question , regardless of the genre. The course notes will be slanted towards the text each student is studying for the first four weeks and in depth for the last two weeks. In the past, students have gone on to do an intensive critical essay course looking in greater detail at their text.

  • Week 1 Reading the Question
  • Week 2 Planning and Strong Openings
  • Week 3 Developing the Essay
  • Week 4 How to Write About Techniques
  • Week 5 Paragraph Plans For Your Text
  • Week 6 Paragraph Plans For Your Text

Pass those NABs
A look at what's involved in textual analysis and lots of practise